• Ching Chuen Chan

  • Degree: BSc (Elec Engg), MSc (Elec Engg), PhD (Elec Engg);

About Me

Field of Achievement: Research Engineer & Writer
Date of Birth: January 14, 1937.
Place of Birth: Magelang (Indonesia);
Name of Spouse: Yu Ru Wei,
No. of Children: two son;
Education: China Univ of Mining & Techy, Tsinghua Univ, Univ of Hong Kong;
Career: specialisation in: Electric Vehicles; Lecturer, Peking Inst of Mining 1959-65; Research Fellow, Academia Sinica for 4 years; Ch Engr, Electric Machines Corpn 1967-76; Sr Lecturer, Hong Kong Polytechnic for 4 years; Director, International Research Centre for Electric Vehicles, Univ of Hong Kong 1980-, Honda Prof Engg 1992-, Head, Elec & Electronic Engg Dept 1994-; Visiting Prof: Tech Univ, Berlin (Germany) 1983, Gronolde Polytechnic 1984, Univ of Tokyo (Japan) 1985, Univ of Hawaii (USA) 1986, Univ of California (USA) 1989, Massachusetts Inst of Techy (USA) 1995; Hon Prof, Tsinghua Univ 2002-; By Fellow, Churchill College, Univ of Cambridge (UK) 2001-; Fellow: Instn of Elec Engrs (UK), Inst of Elec & Electronics Engrs (USA), Royal Academy of Engg (UK) 1997; Academician, Chinese Academy of Engg 1997; Co-Founder & President, World Electric Vehicle Asscn 1990; Founding President, International Academy for Advanced Study 2002-; President, Hong Kong Instn of Engrs; is on Advisory Board, Electric Vehicle Development (UK); Editor, IEEE Transactions 1999-2000; Holder of 8 patents;
Other Information:
Publication: 10 Books including: Electric Vehicles-Green Transportation of the 21st Century (2000), Modern Electric Vehicle Technology (2001); and over 250 tech papers published in various journals;
Awards: DAAD Fellowship (Germany) 1983, Scientific & Tech Co-operation Award (France) 1984, CNR Symposium Grand Prize (Italy) 1985, Best Paper Award (China) 1987, Alcan Best Paper Award (Canada) 1988, IEE International Lecture Medal 2000, Asia’s Best Techy Pioneer, Asiaweek 2001, Father of Asian Electric Vehicles, Global View Magazine 2003, Pitamaha (Grandfather) of Electric Vehicle Techy by Principal Scientific Adviser to Govt of India;
Address (Office): International Research Centre for Electric Vehicles, Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department, University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong.
Address (Residence):
Telephone: (852) 91067863
Country: Hong Kong