• Lakshman Chandra De

  • Degree: BSc (Agri), MSc (Agri), PhD (Hort), DLitt (DIAMI);

About Me

Field of Achievement: Horticultural Scientist
Date of Birth: March 30, 1967
Place of Birth: Kushadwip (W Bengal)
Name of Spouse: Soma De
No. of Children: one son and one daughter
Education: Bidhan Chandra Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Indian Agri Research Inst, New Delhi
Career: specialisation in: Floriculture and Landscaping; Principal Scientist (Horticulture), ICAR National Research Centre for Orchids, Pakyong;
Membership: Orchid Soc of India, Horticultural Soc of India, Indian Soc of Ornamental Horticulture, International Agency for Standard and Ratings; Reviewer: Journal of Botanical Scs, Journal of Agri and Techy, British Biotechnology Journal, Journal of Biological Diversity, Indonesia, Journal of Experimental Agri International, British Journal of Applied Sc & Techy, Journal of Agri and Crop Research; Asian Journal of Agricultural Research, Indian Journal of Horticulture, Journal of Tropical Agriculture; Assoc Editor, The Himalayan Review;
Other Information:
Publication: Advanced Commercial Floriculture (2003, 2nd & enlarged edn 2010), Medicinal Herbs and Flowers (2005), Post-harvest Technology of Flowers and Ornamental Plants (2005), Handbook of Edible Fruits (2008), Handbook of Vegetable Crops (2010) Ornamental Crop Breeding (2011), Value Addition in Flower and Orchids (2011), Handbook of Gardening (2012), Nursery and Landscaping (2013), Production Technology of Commercial Flowers (2014), Production of Seed and Planting Materials of Horticultural Crops (2014), Commercial Orchids (2014), Year Round Production of Orchids (2016), Protected Cultivation of Ornamental Plants (2016); Lawn Development and Management (2017), Cultivation and Breeding of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (2017); 25 book chapters; 30 bulletins; 9 manuals; 30 reports; 78 research abstracts; and more than 150 research papers/articles published in various national and international journals/conference proceedings;
Awards: HSI Gold Medal in Floriculture 2011, HSI Fellowship 2013, Heinrich Hertz Research Award in Horticulture (USA) 2015, IASR Fellowship (Horticulture) 2015, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Research Award in Floriculture (USA) 2016, IASR Fellowship (Floriculture) 2016, CHAI Fellowship 2016, Michael Faraday Research Award in Botany (USA) in 2016, IASR Fellowship (Botany) 2016, J.D. Hooker Research Award in Biodiversity (USA) in 2017, IASR Fellowship (Biodiversity) 2017, ISOH Fellowship 2017, Best Indian Golden Personalities Award 2017, Mother Teresa Global Award 2017,Bharat Excellence Award 2017, Rising Men of India Award 2017, Bharat Gaurav Award 2017, World Academic Championship in Horticulture (USA) 2017;
Address (Office): ICAR National Research Centre for Orchids, Pakyong 737106, Indi
Address (Residence): Type III Quarter, Chhalamthang, ICAR-NRC for Orchids, Pakyong 737106, India.
Telephone: 09434723030, 09609009656.
Pincode: 737106
Country: india
City: Pakyong